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Cheap Web Hosting Compared to Free Web Site for Affiliates

March 3, 2021

If you think that using a cheap web hosting will negatively impact your internet profits, you are totally wrong. In fact, free hosting actually has many more advantages than cheap web hosting. I will outline the top 5 reasons why it’s better to use a cheap web hosting service than a free hosting service.

1.You can risk squeeze pages

When you use a cheap web hosting service, you are denied the benefit of creating your own squeeze pages. All of the traffic that enters your website will immediately redirect to the hosting service’s site. If your hosting service bars their ad from showing, you will not be able to make any money. This means that you will have no sales to rely on. However, if you use a cheap web hosting service, you will be able to promote your affiliate programs, even if your hosting service has a poor uptime. Which means you can promote the best affiliate programs, and you will make a lot of money.

2.You Can Easily Manage

The first thing that Manage does is to automatically upload all of your files to the hosting account. You don’t have to login manually and type in all of your information. This feature is simply great. It saves you so much time when you are uploading all of your files.

3.Worldwide Traffic

Another reason why it is better to use a cheap web hosting service is that your website can reach out to the whole world, or at least, the part of world that it exists in. If you are selling a diversity of different products, you should open multiple web sites, each with a different topic. Putting all of your affiliate programs together on a single site is not good because you are likely going to lose money on the subscriptions. By using the different web hosts that you own, you are able to give each of your programs enough attention so that you are likely to make money.

4.It’s Easy toard

Your web hosting account has to be managed by someone else. You will need to find an e-mail address, an account name and a password. This is not a problem for most people, but if you are especially tech-savvy, then you might need to know what these things are. You can also get someone to manage your account for you, but it is not the best way to go. Finding and hiring a tech-savvy person at a reasonable price is important if you are going to promote your site.


In addition to all the reasons listed above, it is also very good for the marketer to be able to adapt the system he is using. If you are using a software system, you will be able to easy replace the infrastructure that is required, if something becomes amusing to you or if something becomes amazingly more important than it takes to be. There is also the possibility of completely redoing your website. As you know, if you’re capable of writing software, you can easily learn how to write a website. You will also be able to easily make changes to it, if you want.

The conclusion is that while hosting is an important part of your service, it is not the prime concern if you are promoting your website. Your goal should be to first get the traffic to the site, and then redirect the customer to the affiliate program. Even if you are going to pay for your web hosting, you should make sure that you are redirecting the traffic to the affiliate program and not some other third party.