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ClickBank Popularity

March 3, 2021

In ClickBank, there are many products to choose from but, there are two statistics in the site that most people pay attention to. These two statistics are the Gravity score and the % Referred. If you sell a product and decide to list it in the ClickBank Marketplace, you need to select a product with a decent gravity score and a good % referred. You would want a product that has a gravity score between 10 and 100. In ClickBank, these are considered to be the best products to promote. Why? You need to promote a product that is selling well. Why? Because it is a guarantee that you will make at least $30 per sale. If you do nothing but send people to a page and they buy the product, you won’t even get $30 per sale. As for the % referred, this refers to the percentage of the promoters’ sales that are referred by affiliates. You should select a product that has a percentage referred of at least 70%. If you have a great product and a good percentage, you will have a good % referred. In fact, you should select a product that has a 75% or above referred in % referred. Why? Because this means that there are people who promote the product and earn at least $30 commission for each sale. Another thing is the gravity score. This shows how good the product is selling. In my experience, products that have a gravity score of at least 10 are best.

Finally, select a product that has an attractive sales page. How do you do this? Well, don’t discount your skills as a marketer. Use your skills to study the sales page of the product and create a better one. Ask yourself if you would buy the product. If it is a convincing page, then it is likely that many people would buy it.

• Don’t overlook your audience. In ClickBank, you have to place yourself in the shoes of your audience. Think of what they want. If you can find a connection with your audience, then you can imagine how they feel about the product that you are promoting. Sales come from a connection. If you have a good connection with your audience, then it will be easier for you to sell them the product.

• Build a list. What do most marketers do? They send their promotion email to their list. In your email program, do notivebuyer.asksto join your mailing list. Tell them the benefit that they will get if they join your mailing list. And then, from there, you can start to promote your affiliate product. Just use an autoresponder to automate your email program.

• Establish trust. Many marketers fail to do this. The Internet is built on trust. It is the trust of your readers that will allow you to do business online. You have to take the time to build a relationship with your audience. Think of it as best marketing on the Internet.

• Create and promote your own product. This is not as hard as it sounds. Just take the time to create a product. Once you’ve done this, you can start to promote it online. In fact, once you are using your autoresponder to follow up with your list, you can start to promote other products to them. This is where you make money. You continue to sell your product to your list.

Remember to strictly follow these steps to build your online empire. Once you do all of these, money will soon be coming in and, if you are promoting a high converting product, you will be able to make money on demand.