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Discover 3 Brand New Keywords Tools For Affiliate Marketing

March 3, 2021

The affiliate marketing industry is booming and more and more people are making money from home. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to revenue share between a web merchant and an affiliate, akin to the traditional merchant and salesperson. But, are you with the affiliate marketing? You might have failed to keep track of the affiliate marketing products and sales. Use these three brand new keywords to help you track your affiliate products.

WordTracker Keyword Tool

WordTracker is a free software for individuals who want to check up on which keywords are popular for their products. There are many consumers who do not realize how big this niche is until they are researching on one of these software.

To use WordTracker, drag your mouse over to the WordTracker website. Note the WordTracker box on the right-hand side, as this is where you will type all your keywords in. In the top middle, you will see a selection of statistics, as seen below.

The displayed results in this area show you the popularity of each keyword, as well as the activity of the keywords in the current month. Being popular or not, a word or phrase has a huge impact in attracting online users. This is why keyword analyzing is necessary in any online business. By optimizing your content, you will be able to make use of these keywords to attract users to your website. Analyzing your keywords is a good way to make sure they are utilized in your content.

Google’s Keyword Tool

Most businesses spend a lot of money on their websites, simply because they know that this will grow their online exposure. There are many businesses that do not know how to analyze the popularity and depth of their keywords. This is something you need to do, to ensure that you are not keyword blind, as you can miss out affiliate sales.

Doing research on Google can be done with the Google Keyword Tool, which has the power to tell you how many people search for any given term in a month. Even better, you can usually find the same keywords in locales, making it easy to gauge how popular a term is, including which locales to consider.


Wordzegging is aTechnical term that means that one of your keywords is very popular in Google’s search engine pages. This could be a long or short tail keyword and you would want to have as many of them ranked as possible. But, don’t stop here. A useful keyword tool will also tell you how many people are using the Web to search for your keywords. It will show you the average number of results, as well as the rate of changes over time.

Google’s Keyword tool is a great tool to analyze and track your competition. You can also select some keywords and create add-ons to extend your research by tracking only the clicks for a particular keyword. It’s really that simple.

Google’s Keyword tool and research

It’s always a good idea to analyze and track your competition. Difference online marketing strategies create a wide gap between one another and you never really know which astounding keyword might rank where. If you never tap into these opportunities, you will never know the degree of your competition.

It’s a never-ending battle to outdo one’s competition in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is an industry that revolves around content, and Google search engine will give you plenty of them.