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How to Use Search Engine favor to your advantage

March 3, 2021

As we all know when you type in your browser, the first few results page won’t be your favorite. Even though they might not show themselves to us as personal recommendations, they are popularly referred to as the big dogs. Yahoo offers a recommended first page that you can use to promote your own sites, and Google listsSerpsyup as one of their recommended site duplicating services. Unfortunately, there are other ways to refer to your sites and methods of driving traffic can be just as important as popularity. Even if they don’t show up first, they can still be a good second or third page ranking for your target keyword.

Big dogs. Remember that term. Big dog affiliate. Those are the ones you want to emulate in your promotional efforts. Don’t be afraid of taking some major chances in your marketing efforts. The rewards of your creativity, delivered through your merchant’s ears, should be some turbo charged cosmetics. When you feel confident that you have found a market for your services, and that you have mastered the art of positive copywriting, you will be able to pass these elements onto your merchant. If they trust you, they will increase your commissions. Also, keep in mind that they do not want to be seen asradishingwholesale value. If they can benefit from the relationship with their lead affiliate, you will be able to foster it in a way that will turn them into the lead affiliate.

You have more options. You can offer shallower deals, from as low as five percent to as high as 75 percent. As most merchants are used to a certain level of ordering logistics and other costs on items not included in the cart, there will be times when your affiliate commissions will be lower. However, you never know what a particular merchant might do with the item that caught his eye. What if it is a book that has the works of a great writer at its heart? What if it’s a record with the name of a great artist? You did the ordering and got the product, and they don’t want to share the profits. What if it’s an expensive item? Again, you know the merchant. What if it’s supposed to be an investment that will eventually pay off? Your affiliate relationship is a risk for both of you, but it’s a two-way street. If your merchant is smart, he or she will know that you are as interested in bringing new customers to his/her store for as long as you are, and he or she will do everything in his or her power to keep you there. They have countless heights to reach – the sky – and will use every tool at their disposal.

You need to develop written goals. Before you start, you will sit down and pen down all of your goals. They need to be specific, measures taken, and the time goalsned. For example, perhaps you wanted to earn an extra $40 over the weekend. You book a 2 hour block of time at work on Saturday, then spend the rest of your day off with no interruptions. What was your response when you said to yourself, “I’m going to earn an extra $40 over the weekend.”? Potential customers will gather faster when they know that you can deliver. In closing, remember that great copy is king. Great copy writers can make or break an otherwise average product. Your words in the sales letter or on the landing page will make or break a potential customer’s conversion.