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Make Money Online the Worst Way Possible

March 3, 2021

Ok, so your onto the internet trying to make money, and it sounds great doesn’t it? The problem is that there are so many different ways to do it, and there are so many places to do it at, that you end up confused and overwhelmed. People will tell you there are certain ways to make money via the internet and then you have to go out and find it yourself, and it costs a lot of money. The further you get into it the more you realise how complicated it all is. Trust me when I tell you that it isn’t that easy.

The other problem is that people keep on telling you how much money you can make if you buy their product. Also you start to think that you need some kind of special ingredient that will make everything work automatically, and you start to believe that the only ingredient is going to be some kind of software that you are going to have to download onto your computer.

Don’t fall for these scams!

Ok, let me tell you how I came about all of this. Firstly, I fell victim to one of those “get rich quick” offers. 3 days later I was reading this thread and someone had offered me a business package in exchange for my email address. I looked it up and it was true! I had to spend a lot of money on different offers until I found this one, because I didn’t want to have to keep paying anything for something that might not even work. However, I came across a great site with all the information I needed, inside an easy to use 7 day action plan. Now I never jump into anything before thinking about it, but if I would have found this site earlier I could have spent a lot less money on all of the other offers. I don’t know what you think, but I know now that I wasted a lot of money and time on different offers. It is a tough recession though, and people are being laid off left and right. I am not going to tell you that it is not easy to make money online, because it is and it isn’t easy. There are some great ways to make some extra cash around the house, in fact I know that affiliate marketing is a full time job, but it is something that you definitely can do in your spare time if you are like me. If you interested in affiliate marketing, the site that I found has everything you need: tools, tutorials, videos, help and support. It doesn’t matter if you have absolutely no experience in computers or marketing, you can make some money with affiliate marketing.

Anyway, I was just telling you about my story because I have to keep it short. I was just telling you about my background in the internet marketing business. To me it is very important to keep it short and simple. Some people ask me why I do this and what are the advantages of it, but I tell them this – because they don’t know and they can’t ask me a question if they don’t know the answer, they have to find out for themselves. My site, for instance, is called “theknow nowhere” and that is exactly it.

So I hope you don’t take my word for it that affiliate marketing is a great internet business to get in, and hopefully you have learned something from this article.

A little tip for you: make sure that you only advertise things that you know for a fact are actually going to sell. Believe me, this is all too easy to do.

Good luck with your interneteers.