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Yahoo Adwords, AdSense and the Affiliateuniverse

March 3, 2021

innovate and conquer theIsn’t it time you had a little bit of each? I’m sure you’re tired of checking that Google Keyword Tool every other day, but it ain’t any use.

I’m sick of the countless pages of results that don’t deliver the results they promise. But I found a few gems I made only four hours, but it took less than two hours to research and find them.

Here they are:

Google Keyword Tool

Free to use at, this tool will surprise you on how much money you can expect to earn as a beginner. I found some pretty significant gaps in the results, especially for beginners, but there are some phenomenal Writing tips to help you beat this barrier.

1) Get ideas. This is the most important Web Marketing Tool.ociations like ClickBank offer a list of thousands of eBooks and other products to promote, most of them are available for free. Here’s how to identify the top 5-10 eBooks to promote from ClickBank.

2) Create a content site. If you do not want to create a product, Google sells all of the content for you, with your own Affiliate link tracking.

3) Find a Niche and a product to promote and create a content site.

4) Pre-sell your product. Don’t sell it, just tell them a bit about what you like about it and how it helped you. A page is fine to just list the benefits of the product.

5) Show them the download link. sneak it in here and there. Be smart about what you promote.

6) Market a content site.Actually it’s not a must, but if you do want to earn I suggest you follow these steps:

a) Create a Content Site.

b) Find a Product to Promote and insert your Affiliate Link.

d) Find a Niche and a Product to Promote.

e) Write a Content Site.

f) Find a Niche and a Product to Promote.

By the way, the current WAarning system shows the average earning capability for each Affiliate using WA itself. Do not forget, the bulk of your Affiliate earnings are made on the Content Site, not the Affiliate site.

A word of advise, for those of you that have not before, you should get comfortable with creating a content site first before moving on to the other four steps. That way you can make a content site that actually earns. Believe me, you will make money faster than somebody with full knowledge of the system itself.

Seems like a lot of steps for the average Joac testaneys, but don’t forget that there are millions of other people trying to make it online. There are a lot ways to get traffic, especially if you know where to look. Seem like all your search are going to be dead in the water.

Then there is always the possibility of buying an affiliate package to make it easy all you have to do is open up a pay account and then buy the instant success ebook. If you already have an account, then you can usually get the e-book for a shouldn’tering price.

Then there are programs like Commission Junction that have affiliate programs of their own and just make everything so easy referrals can be made. Well I’m telling you that is not going to work and could make you get quite frustrated.

The best thing to do is to utilize all the free resources you can. BeArticles, then Buzzle, then YouTube, then PayPal. Google is a great starting point for everyone.

Here is an Article that pretty much sums it up: ClickBank top 10 article.